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Perotti on penalties - "I always trust myself to score".

has been talking to sports broadcaster DAZN about how he manages to keep cool, calm and collected when taking penalties. Here’s what he had to say.

How do you feel in these moments?
I try to be as calm as possible but this depends on the result at the time and how long is left in the game. I always trust myself to score.

When did you start taking penalties and do you have a reference point?I never really took penalties as a kid and certainly not when I was a youth team player. I suppose I really started when I became a professional. At Sevilla, I used to train with a goalkeeper to try to understand how to gain an advantage. I used to walk up to the ball to hit it but after one of my kicks was saved I started to speed up and this way feels much better.

Explain your shooting technique
I’m very superstitious, I always stand on the foot which I use for shooting, I then take seven steps back and look towards the referee to give me the signal. Then I look at the goalkeeper but not too much and when the whistle goes I start to look at the ball slowly. I try not to go too fast in my run up so I can look at the goalkeeper and I never choose a corner; I try to see what movement the keeper will make then go to the opposite side. I know straight away if it’s a goal or not.

Before taking the kick do you ever think about missing?Every time I go on the field I think that I’m the best penalty taker and that I will score and that I won’t make the wrong decision. I trust myself mentally and you have to as VAR has made the wait to take the kick much longer. I always tell myself it’s impossible that the ball will go wide.

Which penalty has given you the most fear?
I would have to say the one in the derby in 2017-18 FT 2-1 for Roma). The keeper didn’t make an obvious move but fortunately it went in the corner and unlocked a game that we went on to win.

What about this season?
Against was nervy as knew my style of course. I used to take penalties against him in training and many times he saved them. The one against Verona also springs to mind as I had only just come on in the game to replace Kluivert and I was out of form. When we were awarded the penalty I had been on the field around 15 minutes and I wondered if Kolarov or Veretout may have been better taking it. In the end however, I thought to myself that I’m the penalty taker and I should take responsibility. Fortunately, I scored.